Fuel Cards

Get Nationwide Access to Cardlock Sites

Providing best-in-class fuel management solutions.

Jubitz network fueling sites are convenient and well-marked, offering easy accessibility for truck drivers. What we bring to the table is more than a fuel card. You have our fuel management team coupled with the most reliable tools available to help you save on fuel costs. Wondering how your business can benefit from joining a fuel card program? Read more here.

Savings on Every Gallon

Savings on Every Gallon

We minimize total fuel costs through network consolidation, improved purchasing controls and streamlined reporting.

save driver time

Save Driver Time

Accessible and clearly-marked sites combined with high speed diesel pumps. Enjoy zero waiting times for fuel attendants. Built-in card restrictions also help you multitask free of distractions.

relationships built to last

Relationships Built to Last

With designated customer service support representatives and back-office account integration, we’re available for you 24/7. Jubitz Fleet Services offers custom reports and online account access.

Wholesale Fuel Card Programs

Our Commercial Fuel Network (CFN) and Pacific Pride Advantage cards combine maximum controls with the best wholesale pricing at over 4,000 locations nationwide. We offer a wide range of card controls and access to sites specifically for commercial vehicles.

CFN Fleetwide

  • 4 times as many locations as truck stops in the West Coast
  • Major highway coverage across the entire United States
  • Access to 2,500 CFN locations nationwide
  • E-receipts available for every transaction

Pacific Pride Advantage

  • Extensive coverage in the Pacific Northwest since 1984
  • Access to over 1,500 locations in 31 states


  • Nationwide network of retail and maintenance sites
  • Accepted at more than 320,000 fueling locations
  • Optional vehicle maintenance services

Voyager Site Locator

Fuelman Extended Network

Available to our CFN and Pacific Pride customers, fill up at over 57,000 retail and wholesale locations, including Chevron & ARCO.

Fuelman Site Locator

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