Regional Fueling

Get Fuel Across the Pacific Northwest.

Fuel delivery and cardlock fuel under one account.

Jubitz Fueling Services range from full truck-and-trailer loads to smaller bobtail deliveries. Call us at any hour. Jubitz offers 24/7 mobile on-site fueling so that you can stay on the job with no downtime. We equip our customers’ tanks with wireless monitors to ensure delivery of efficient and cost-effective loads that keep your tanks full and your operations running smoothly every day. Want more options? Jubitz also offers regional cardlock sites, accessible with Jubitz Fuel Cards and a variety of other fuel cards. Use a Jubitz Fuel Card? Get fuel delivery and cardlock fuel on the same invoice for your convenience.


Fuel Customization

Whether it’s biodieseldyed or clear dieselnon-ethanol gasoline or regular diesel, Jubitz can deliver the right fuel type for your industry in Oregon and Washington. We also deliver diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to bulk tanks.

Small Boat

Marine Fueling

For over 20 years, Jubitz has fueled local and international marine fleets, meeting all safety, environmental and Coast Guard certifications. Fuel your boat with non-ethanol.


Experienced HazMat-Trained Drivers

Jubitz trucks are equipped with secure safety shut-off systems, and our drivers are all trained on proper emergency response procedures in the unlikely event that a spill should ever occur.

Fleet Employees

Recordkeeping Made Easier

Our on-site tankers monitor fueling activity to provide accurate documentation for each unit. Fuel management reports are sent by email and include quantity, fuel type, unit ID, date and time of fill.

Mobile Coverage

Mobile Delivery Area

Are you within our mobile delivery area? We deliver as far up as Centralia, Washington and down to Salem, Oregon. We also provide delivery to coastal Oregon and inland to The Dalles. Questions? Call us at 877-758-2489.

Cardlock Sites

Visit your nearest cardlock site for fueling, and enjoy the fuel perks of Jubitz at locations across the Pacific Northwest. Click on a site to view address and product offerings.