Commercial Truck Lubricants in Fairview, OR

You deserve to get the most out of your heavy-duty commercial vehicle equipment. With over 35 years of fleet service management, you can trust Jubitz for heavy-duty vehicles in or around Fairview, OR.

At Jubitz, we have certified lubricant specialists that will offer your vehicles the best commercial lubricants in the industry. With our lubes, greases, and oils, you will rest assured that your equipment will have improved performance at the job site.

Our Lubricant Services

Every vehicle is different and requires a specific lubricant to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly. Whether you operate a semi, heavy-duty, agricultural, construction, or light-duty trucks and vehicles, we have the lubricant fit for your company and budget needs.

Because commercial truck lubricants are vital to your vehicle’s performance and lifespan, we offer the most reputable lines of products, such as Chevron, Havoline, Kendall, and Phillips 66. We also carry eco-friendly renewable lubricants that lower emissions.

Our team even knows how to protect your fleet from seasonal damages with fuel supplements, antifreeze, coolants, oils, windshield wash, and synthetics. We will never leave any part of your vehicle unprotected.

For more information on our commercial equipment lubricants and services, connect with our expert team today through our chat page. We will happily service your vehicle, no matter how big or small the job is.