Renewable Diesel (R99)

High Performance & Industry-Leading Quality

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100% Drop-In Replacement

  • Renewable diesel: R99 is produced from repurposed animal fats, used cooking oil, and inedible oil, resulting in low carbon footprint fuel.
  • Compatibility: It has 100% drop-in compatibly with existing diesel vehicle engines and infrastructures. Making it a hassle-free transition.
  • Fuel Economy: Improved potential fuel economy leads to cost savings, aligning with budget-conscious choices.
  • Engine Longevity: Increased engine longevity allows teams to work longer with zero down time for maintenance.


R99 Renewable Diesel Jubitz

Where to find R99 Diesel

Jubitz now offers R99 Diesel at select commercial cardlock fueling stations.  This high-quality diesel alternative is now accessible so our commercial customers have access to the fuel they need to keep their operations running smoothly.

Jubitz Cardlock Fueling Station- Wilsonville

High-Quality Fuel

  • Higher Lubricity: Reduction of internal and external fuel injector deposits, improved lubricity for less wear on critical fuel system components.
  • Improved Fuel Stability: Less deposits in the fuel system components, and, increased protection against water and particulates introduced into the fuel before being dispensed into the vehicle or equipment.
  • Low Sulfur Content: Significantly lower sulfur content in renewable diesel, leading to reduced harmful emissions and cleaner engine operation. This factor supports the longevity of engine components.
R99 Renewable Diesel Jubitz

Performance and Efficiency

  • Superior Performance:  Its premium quality helps maintain peak engine performance over longer periods of time.
  • Powerful Winter Performance: R99 diesel’s exceptional cold flow properties and resistance to gelling or waxing make it a dependable choice for winter driving.
  • Increased engine longevity allows teams to work longer with zero down time for maintenance.
Mechanics Working on Truck

Our Team

We offer your business a dedicated consultant who will understand your business's specific fueling needs throughout our partnership! Serving our community with the best possible service and product is what makes Jubitz the success it is today!


Begin speaking with our team to better understand Renewable Diesel (R99) and how your business can save time and money with your go-to PNW fueling company.

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