Fleet managers want to minimize downtime. The primary reason for avoiding unplanned downtime is that it can be costly! Truckers miss out on loads when down a vehicle, plus, repairs can be pricey. Here are best tips on how to keep moving while staying resourceful.

Ongoing, Preventative Maintenance

The road can be a rough environment to navigate and truckers know better than just about anyone how much wear and tear these vehicles see. Scheduling ongoing, preventative maintenance can help address small issues and prevent them from turning into big, costly problems. Truckers can do a daily check up on their vehicle:

  • Check for leaks. One way to do this by placing cardboard under the truck near the engine, this will also help determine fluid color which can better help diagnose the issue.
  • Identify any unusual happenings like a sticky gearshift or strange noises.
  • Notice any internal alerts from the dashboard.
  • Lubricate vehicle parts frequently and thoroughly.

This list is only a suggestion of some of the procedures one can do on a daily basis.


Parts and vehicle manufacturers can choose to provide customers with full or partial warranties. These written guarantees allow the customer to take advantage of manufacturer assistance and/or repairs if the seller’s promise or conditions aren’t fulfilled by the product. If you think you may be able to still take advantage of a warranty, contact the seller for more information on how to go about getting repairs or replacements. It’s possible manufacturers have a backlog of work that make turnaround time less than ideal for truckers, so what then? Jubitz Truck Repair Center (JTSC) is known for completing work quickly and efficiently. Many JTSC customers are still under warranty when they come in but trust our experienced technicians to be able to assess, diagnose, and repair gas and diesel trucks in a manner that helps them minimize unplanned downtime.

Mobile, Roadside Assistance

Mobile Truck Service | Jubitz Truck Service Center

Even with preventative maintenance, emergencies and breakdowns on the road still happen. Having a connection with roadside assistance mobile repair service can help if you find yourself in a pinch. A mobile mechanic can do just about everything a normal truck service repair shop can do but come to you to do it. Need your annual DOT inspection? We’ve got you covered. Truck not starting? Not a problem. Out of fuel? We can fix that. The Jubitz Mobile Service team serves a widespread area in the Northwest: Portland-Vancouver Metro, up to Cascade Locks and north to Chehalis, and south to Albany. Our team is available to help you repair your gas or diesel truck during unexpected breakdowns.

All in all, do your best to stay on top of preventative maintenance as it can drastically improve vehicle function and longevity. If a part malfunctions, check to see if it’s still under warranty and consider their wait time versus bringing the truck in to somewhere local. Finally, if you run into on-the-road issues, don’t hesitate to rush service to you with mobile, roadside assistance. Give the Jubitz Truck Service Center a call at (503) 289-9645.