Every year The NATSO Foundation awards $5,000 scholarships. These awards go to deserving students with ties to the truck stop and travel plaza industry through the Bill and Carolyn Moon Scholarship. This year Jubitz is proud to announce that Vault Auditor Amanda Mclain is a scholarship recipient. Thanks to this scholarship, Amanda will finish her bachelor’s degree in accounting at Portland State University earlier than originally planned. She now expects to graduate in fall 2020.

Before Accounting

Before Amanda decided to pursue accounting, she earned degrees in both culinary arts and music production while living in Florida. While she loved both of those things, “I wanted to be practical about what I was going to do with my future,” she said. She enjoyed working with numbers and found a position in Florida. Here, she worked with money and logistics, but she felt like it wasn’t a place where she could grow. In search of a new challenge, she made the decision to move. She chose Portland, a city she hadn’t even heard of until a few years before.

Seeking challenges isn’t unusual for Amanda. As an extremely motivated student, she completed her associate’s degree at Portland Community College, a two-year degree, in single year. On top of that, she worked at Jubitz full-time!


Amanda Mclain working
Amanda replenishes cashier tills

Putting in the Work

As a vault auditor at Jubitz, Amanda collects tills and does audits to ensure accuracy. She fills ATM cassettes, lottery machines and completes other tasks that put her all over the Jubitz campus, which means that she’s not just in an office all day. She interacts with her coworkers and customers on a daily basis!

Amanda’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. In May 2019, she was named World Class Customer Service Experiences Superstar of the Month. “Amanda is an integral part of our small vault team. [She] has taken the lead role in the vault…and the vault has been excelling under her lead,” said Crystal Petrie, her supervisor. Amanda is always willing to go above and beyond. This year she was even the co-chair of Jubitz’s annual fundraising campaign for United Way.


Amanda with the accounting team at the United Way kick-off event

Why Jubitz?

Amanda’s favorite thing about Jubitz is the people. “The people will make or break the job, no matter how much you like the actual work you’re doing,” she said. Working at Jubitz is also a great fit for Amanda. Her flexible schedule can easily accommodate her school schedule. Plus, she uses the tuition reimbursement offered by Jubitz to help pay for her classes.

Amanda loves Jubitz’s commitment to World Class Customer Experiences (WCCE). In her scholarship essay she wrote, “Being employed at Jubitz allows me to see my full potential while continuing to learn and grow every day. World Class Customer Experience has taught me how to communicate more effectively and positively with customers and my peers.”

In the future, Amanda hopes to take on a leadership role. She wants to challenge herself and be a mentor to others. “I am excited to see what the future brings for Amanda,” said her supervisor Crystal Petrie. We know it will be bright!