Are you looking to reduce your company’s carbon footprint? A great first step is to research the fuel you’re using. At Jubitz, we continue to raise the bar with our biodiesel blends. Oregon law requires that all diesel sold must be at least 5 percent biodiesel (referred to as B5). Jubitz’s commitment to the environment means that most of the diesel we sell in Oregon is at least 10 percent biodiesel (B10)! We can even mix custom biodiesel blends up to B99 on demand.


Biodiesel blending rack

Pictured, Liz Valseca, Customer Service Manager for Jubitz Fleet Services, stands in front of our biodiesel blending rack. This is where our customers can get biodiesel blends on demand.

How do biodiesel blends help the environment?

  • Reduce the use of fossil fuels
  • Utilize renewable fuels like soy, cooking oil and other organic sources
  • Improve air quality by reducing greenhouse gases
  • Minimize waste in the environment
  • Improve water quality by reducing fat, oil and grease from entering the sewers

How do biodiesel blends benefit your diesel engines?

  • Improve fuel lubricity and the life of the engine
  • Can be used in existing diesel engines
  • Similar horsepower, torque, and fuel mileage
  • Reduce carbon emissions

Whether you’re purchasing custom-mixed fuel, fueling up your truck at our fuel lanes or Oregon cardlock stations, getting diesel delivered by our mobile department or filling up with diesel at our Marketplace Gas Station, you can rest assured that you’re getting great performance for less environmental impact.