Are you looking for the very best in Commercial and industrial Lubricants? Then look no further. Jubitz is a leading Chevron Commercial Lubricants Distributors in the Northwest Territory with on-time delivery and competitive pricing. Jubitz Fleet Services has been offering the industry’s leading commercial lubricants and oil from Chevron for over 20 years.

Lubricants are an integral part of realizing your equipment’s fullest potential and are essential to propelling your fleet to new heights. However, not all lubricants are created equal. That is why at Jubitz, we offer an extensive portfolio of Chevron Commercial Lubricants that covers trucking, construction, logging, marine, and railroad.

Diesel engines and heavy-duty industrial equipment can take wear and tear, but maintaining their upkeep is essential to their longevity. Industrial lubricants, greases, and oils help ensure that your machinery will continue to function safely and efficiently, even through seasonal changes. Remember equipment performance is critical to keeping your fleet on the road and maintaining a well-oiled business. So don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to commercial lubricants, greases, and oils.

Jubitz carries a range of Chevron Lubricant heavy duty engines oils including Chevron’s DELO 400 SDE 15w40, quality coolants such as DELO ELC (Extended life coolant), and premium hydraulic fluids such as Clarity or Rando HD ISO 46 For a full line of Chevron Industrial Lubricants and Greases visit here.

Get more out of your equipment with Chevron Commercial Lubricants. Contact Fleet Sales Today at 877-7-JUBITZ (877-758-2489).