Looking to make healthy choices? Whether it’s choosing healthier foods or more physical activity, we’ve got you covered at Jubitz! Read on to see ways you can make your next stop at Jubitz better for your body.

1. Get Your Work Out On at the Portlander Inn

If you’re staying at the Portlander Inn, that includes access to our fitness facility! But even if you’re not, you can use it for only $5. Learn more about the Portlander Inn here.


2. Choose Healthy Dishes at the Cascade Grill

Healthy choices with fewer calories are denoted on the Cascade Grill menu with a heart. Try the Fresh Herb Encrusted Salmon, Cilantro Lime Rockfish or the Triple Citrus Chicken. See the full Cascade Grill menu here.


3. Try a New Physical Activity–Dancing!

Dancing isn’t just fun–it also burns calories! Take a line dance lesson at the Ponderosa for a new kind of exercise. See the full dance lesson schedule here.


4. Choose Plant-Based with the Beyond Burger at Jake Brake Deli

Trying to eat less meat? Try the Beyond Burger at Jake Brake Deli. This plant-based burger looks, cooks and tastes like a fresh beef burger, and packs 20g of protein. The patty contains no soy, gluten or GMOs. See the full Jake Brake Deli menu here.

Making healthy choices can be difficult when you’re set in a routine, but Jubitz is here to help you start building new patterns that lead to a healthy life.