Our History

From Humble Beginnings to Trucking Icon:
The Inspiring Journey of Jubitz Truck Stop

Monroe A. “Moe” Jubitz

In the spring of 1939, fresh out of Yale College, Monroe A. “Moe” Jubitz faced a pivotal decision: whether to pursue a career in professional baseball with offers from the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, or return home to Portland, Oregon.

Opting for the latter, Moe embarked on a journey of exploration, dabbling in various jobs and summers spent traversing Europe’s tallest peaks. His immersion in the trucking industry began at Wilhelm Trucking a few years later, where he delved into every aspect except driving. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Moe took the entrepreneurial plunge in 1952, establishing Fleet Leasing, Inc. near the Ross Island Bridge. By 1958, propelled by burgeoning success and space constraints, Moe relocated the company to a sprawling 2 1/2-acre site in North Portland, birthing the iconic Jubitz Truck Stop.

Building From The Ground Up

Pioneering a novel concept in the mid-1950s, Moe envisioned Jubitz as more than just a pit stop for drivers, but a haven offering sustenance and respite. The nascent establishment boasted a humble “kitchen” comprising a vending machine dispensing metal tray TV dinners alongside a communal oven. The modest quarters housed a dormitory-style sleeping area catering to road-weary drivers.

Keen on understanding and meeting customer needs, Moe frequented the café, incognito, engaging drivers in candid conversations to glean insights for enhancing their experience. Overcoming the challenge of communicating amenities to transient drivers, Moe ingeniously erected billboards along major interstate highways in 1965, enticing weary travelers with promises of rest and refreshment.

From The Ashes

Jubitz endured trials, including a fire in 1979 that ravaged the gift shop and restaurant. Undeterred, Moe orchestrated a swift relocation to the Ponderosa Lounge, followed by the construction of a revamped restaurant embodying a quintessential trucker motif.


Up In Lights

The spotlight shone on Jubitz as it became a filming location for NBC’s “Movin’ On” in 1974, while political luminary Vice President George H. W. Bush made a notable pit stop during his 1984 campaign trail. Garnering international acclaim, Jubitz earned the moniker of “The World’s Classiest Truck Stop” by The Travel Channel in 2003, solidifying its status as a premier destination for truckers.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Beyond its commercial success, Jubitz remained committed to its community, epitomized by the philanthropic endeavors of the Jubitz family through the Frederick D. & Gail Y. Jubitz Foundation, championing education, community engagement, and artistic preservation.

Ponderosa Lounge

The iconic Ponderosa Lounge, named after Moe’s beloved TV show “Bonanza,” evolved into Portland’s cherished country-western enclave, hosting burgeoning talents and seasoned icons alike. A 2017 renovation revitalized the venue, enhancing its allure for patrons seeking live entertainment and a good drink.

Jubitz Fleet Services

Fleet Services, inaugurated in 1984, responded to escalating demand for commercial fueling options, evolving to encompass mobile onsite fuel delivery and lubricant distribution. Jubitz’s acquisition of Vancouver Oil Company in 2012 further diversified its offerings, fortifying its presence in the commercial fuel market.


Jubitz’s enduring legacy is a testament to Moe’s foresight and ingenuity, fostering an ethos of appreciation for the toil and sacrifices of drivers traversing the nation’s highways. Innovations like the Dial-A-Truck Load Monitor Network underscore Jubitz’s commitment to revolutionizing the trucking industry.

The Great Expansion

As Jubitz burgeoned, so did its amenities, culminating in a monumental expansion in 2000, uniting disparate structures into the expansive Marketplace and Portlander Inn. This transformation heralded a new era, offering a comprehensive array of services catering to both transient and local patrons.

Passing of the Torch

In 1996, Moe passed the torch to his sons Fred and Al, entrusting them with the legacy he had meticulously crafted. Fred assumed the mantle of Chairman and CEO, perpetuating Moe’s vision of a sanctuary for weary travelers.


Through decades of evolution and expansion, Jubitz remains a beacon of hospitality, embodying the spirit of neighborly camaraderie and tireless innovation.