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Pet Friendly Since 1952

A Pet’s Oasis

At Jubitz Truck Stop, we offer a sprawling 26-acre campus to cater to all your needs during your journey. You and your furry companions will find ample space to stretch your legs and relax. Our vast campus ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stopover for both you and your pets.

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Pet Friendly Truck Stop -Portland-Jubitz Truck Stop

Dog Wash Station

We understand that pets need special care, especially during long trips. That’s why we provide a pet-friendly wash station on our premises for $10 wash and dry. Treat your four-legged friends to a refreshing bath, keeping them clean and happy throughout your travels. Our dog wash station is equipped with all the shampoo, sprayer, fence, and dryer to make bathing your pets a breeze.

Portland's Pet Friendly Truck Stop- Jubitz

Pet Foods and Treats

At Jubitz Truck Stop, we embrace your pets as part of our extended family. That’s why we offer a pet-friendly campus complete with thoughtfully curated pet foods and treats. Our choice provider in pet food is Portland’s Pet Food Company, renowned for its premium and nutritious food and treats. Choose from a wide selection of high-quality pet foods that cater to different dietary needs, ensuring your pets stay healthy and well-nourished on the road. Treat them to delicious treats and make their stop at Jubitz a delightful experience. Your furry companions are in good hands at our pet-friendly oasis.

Pet Friendly Truck Stop -Portland-Jubitz Truck Stop

Traveling Friends!

For 70 years since 1952, Jubitz has been the perfect haven for your furry friends on the road. We've warmly welcomed pets, ensuring their comfort and happiness at our establishment. See the rest of our campus!

Our Friendly Request

Jubitz Truck Stop warmly embraces pets, offering a pet-friendly atmosphere for travelers. To adhere to health codes, we kindly ask that pets not accompany guests in dining areas. This policy ensures a clean environment. Service animals, vital for individuals with disabilities, are an exception. We prioritize the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of all patrons while maintaining our commitment to being a pet-friendly destination.


Pet-friendly Truckstop- Portland OR- Jubitz Truck Stop