As a fleet manager or owner-operator, we know you want to maximize your resources while also finding tools that are reliable and increase productivity. It’s no wonder you want the best electronic logging device (ELD) — it’s something you use every day. Whether you’re new to the industry and just getting set up with the mandatory equipment you need to run your fleet or you’re looking to switch ELDs, you’ve found the right resource! In this series, we identify considerations you need to address before choosing the best ELD for your organization, like support and assistance from the ELD-providing company.


The ability to receive support after acquiring your ELD can make or break a user experience. While some of these devices offer simply what you need to satisfy the ELD regulation and nothing more, others are powerful, robust tools that assist you on the job in a variety of ways. Therefore, the learning curve to use ELDs can differ significantly. Without the right training and assistance, your experience might be lackluster.

If you have questions about your device or the software, you will want access to support. The type and availability of support will vary. Some ELD companies offer 24/7 support while others have specific business hours. It’s important to be aware of this because having limited times to reach support may be challenging for truckers whose schedules are unconventional. The mode of support will also vary. Nowadays, you can access phone, email, and text support lines, but not all companies will have all these options available. Take into consideration the kind of support your team will need when adapting to a new ELD device so you can make the most smooth transition possible.

Did you know the Jubitz Truck Service Center has skilled technicians that can install ELDs? The JTSC is the largest ELD service center for OmniTracs but also carries other ELD makes and models. In our five part Finding the Best Electronic Logging Device (ELD) series, we dive into the many decisions a fleet manager or owner-operator will have to make when making their purchase. Stay tuned for the next consideration: support.