Discover Cardlock Fueling Excellence in Washougal & Kalama

Discover Cardlock Fueling Excellence in Washougal & Kalama

Welcome to the vibrant cities of Washougal and Kalama in Washington, where Jubitz Cardlock stations stand proudly as the epitome of excellence in fueling services, tailored specifically for local business owners, commercial drivers, and businesses of all sizes. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the indispensable amenities and top-notch fueling services that make Jubitz Cardlock stations essential for travelers heading into the Pacific Northwest. Discover our locations on YouTube in Washougal, and Kalama.


1. Strategic Locations: Ideal Fueling Points in Washougal and Kalama

Strategically positioned on the outskirts of the bustling Vancouver area, our Jubitz Cardlock fueling stations in Washougal and Kalama are perfect for fueling up before heading out. Our stations are proud hosts, offering optimal fueling points designed specifically for local business owners and commercial drivers. These locations, strategically chosen for accessibility, prioritize the needs of long-haul truckers with ample egress space for large vehicles. With thoughtful design and placement on major routes, Jubitz Cardlock stations emerge as the preferred choice, ensuring a seamless pit stop experience for businesses of all sizes.

2. High-Quality Fuel, Essential Amenities, and Convenient Fueling Options

At Jubitz Cardlock stations in Washougal and Kalama, we promise more than just top-tier fuel; we guarantee a comprehensive journey enhancement. Our stations are thoughtfully equipped with essential amenities, catering to the diverse needs of local business owners, whether you’re a long-haul trucker or operate a small lawn-mowing business. Notably, our stations feature high-speed pumps, capable of pumping 30 gallons a minute for a quick and efficient fill-up process. In Kalama, we go the extra mile by offering DEF fuel, an additional option for those requiring Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Both Washougal and Kalama stations feature dyed diesel, among other outstanding fueling choices, showcasing our commitment to providing a variety of options to suit your preferences.


3. Acceptance of Fleet Cards and Debit/Credit: Convenient Payment Options Tailored for Businesses

At our Jubitz Cardlock site, we seamlessly accept fleet fueling cards such as WEX, CFN, Voyager and many others, offering unmatched convenience for local businesses and their fleets. Furthermore, we welcome debit and credit cards, providing flexibility in payment options for all local drivers and business owners. Learn more here about how our Jubitz Fuel Card offers premier pricing and volume discounts.


Your Preferred Fueling Partner for Local Journeys

As Jubitz, we proudly declare that all our Cardlock stations in Washington, including Washougal and Kalama, seamlessly accept fleet cards, offering unmatched convenience for local businesses and their fleets. Discover Cardlock Excellence in Washougal & Kalama with our convenient fueling stations. Furthermore, we welcome debit and credit cards, providing flexibility in payment options for all local travelers and business owners.


Jubitz’s Commitment to Excellence: Your Reliable Fueling Partner

Our commitment at Jubitz goes beyond cardlock fuel sites. We ensure reliability, promptness, and a seamless experience for local businesses, commercial drivers, and all those seeking a convenient solution. Whether you need regular fuel supply for your business or you’re a driver looking for a reliable pit stop, Jubitz is here to meet your local fueling needs. Contact us today for a personalized fuel delivery quote.


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Newly Remodeled | Wilsonville, Or Cardlock Fueling Station

Now Open Cardlock Fueling Station in Wilsonville, OR

If you’re in Wilsonville, Oregon, and seeking a reliable, convenient, and modern commercial fueling solution, look no further than the newly remodeled Jubitz Cardlock Fueling Station. We are excited to unveil our upgraded facility, featuring ten state-of-the-art high-speed pumps and a range of fuel options to meet your needs. Let’s dive into what makes our Wilsonville location the go-to destination for fueling, day or night.

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A Fresh Look and Enhanced Functionality

Our commitment to serving the Wilsonville community is reflected in the extensive remodeling of our cardlock fueling station. We’ve invested in a complete makeover, providing not only a fresh and modern appearance but also enhanced functionality.

1. New High-Speed Pumps: With ten new high-speed pumps, you can fuel up quickly, reducing wait times and keeping your vehicles on the move. We understand that time is money, and our upgraded pumps are designed to save you both.
2. Fuel Variety: Our Wilsonville station offers a range of fuel options to cater to various vehicles and fleet requirements. You can now choose from Renewable Diesel (R99), E10 Unleaded Gasoline, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) – all under one roof.
3. 24/7 Access: We know that businesses never sleep, so neither do we. Our Wilsonville station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring you have access to fuel whenever you need it. No more worrying about inconvenient fueling hours.
4. Enhanced Canopy and Night Lighting: Safety and convenience go hand in hand. Our newly installed canopy and night lighting ensure that you can fuel up comfortably and securely, even during nighttime hours.
5. Community-Centric Approach: Jubitz is proud to be a part of the Wilsonville community. We’ve tailored our services to meet the specific needs of local businesses and drivers, striving to make your fueling experience as smooth as possible.
Serving Wilsonville Once Again

Our Wilsonville Cardlock Fueling Station is now cleaner, more efficient, and ready to serve you better than ever before. We invite you to experience the convenience and quality that Jubitz has been known for over the years.

Whether you’re a local business owner, a long-haul trucker passing through, or a construction company of Wilsonville, our newly remodeled station is here to meet your fueling needs. Visit us today and see why Jubitz is the preferred choice for fueling in Wilsonville, Oregon.

At Jubitz, we believe in keeping you moving, so you can focus on what matters most to you – getting the job done. Welcome to the new era of fueling in Wilsonville. We look forward to serving you soon. To learn more about our other cardlock stations and services, visit our pages.

Fuelman, CFN, and Pacific Pride: Finding the Right Fuel Card for You

For fleet managers looking at cardlock fuel cards, you will likely come across Pacific Pride (PacPride) and Commercial Fueling Network (CFN). These are two of the largest cardlock fuel networks in the country, with locations available in 43 states and Canada. But what makes these two networks different? And more importantly, what does that mean for your fleet?

Why fuel cards?

Fuel cards can make managing your fleet’s fueling easy and help to keep your prices at the pump low. To start, using a fuel card means purchasing fuel at wholesale prices. This means increased savings to help lower operating costs. Along with savings, fuel cards allow you to manage who is buying fuel in your fleet, limit what fuel products can be purchased, provide added fraud prevention, and control what sites you fuel at. These controls give you the power to track where your money is going when refueling your fleet. Both Pacific Pride and CFN offer easy-to-use management tools to track your fuel usage to keep your fleet running as smoothly as possible.

CFN vs PacPride

Both CFN and PacPride are similar in that they offer the ability to track all fuel purchases, limit which fuel types can be bought, and offer thousands of cardlock sites to fuel at. However, the big differences come with where you can fuel. Pacific Pride is not available in Louisiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. CFN is not available in Delaware, Maryland, Maine, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. Be sure that the fuel network you choose fits with the states that you operate in. For more information, look at the full lists of sites for CFN here and for PacPride here.

Along with this, CFN cards can only be used at CFN sites and PacPride cards can only be used at PacPride sites. However, you can sign up for both cards to ensure the ability to fuel anywhere, no matter the network.


Another option is the Fuelman network. While PacPride and CFN are cardlock networks, Fuelman is a retail network. So, this means a Fuelman cardholder can fuel at one of the many participating retail brands. This can help make finding a location to fuel easy, as you do not have to look for cardlock sites on your routes. Instead, pull into any Chevron, Sinclair, Wawa, etc., and fuel up with the same cardlock advantages of CFN and PacPride.


We know it can be a tough choice to decide which network to join, so give us a call at 1-800-523-0600 or click here and we can walk you through our Jubitz fuel card offerings!