Options for Fueling Construction Sites

Fueling construction sites keeps your job site powered! Without refueling, machinery can’t operate, leaving your site at a standstill and costing you time and money. Between deadlines, equipment upkeep, managing employees, and the logistics of building materials, there’s no shortage of responsibilities. And on top of this all, every job can be drastically different and require a whole new approach. Luckily, there are options to best maximize your resources to fuel your construction equipment and keep work going.

On-site Fuel Tank

An on-site fuel tank is the most convenient for hard to reach construction sites working with heavy machinery. Installing a large fuel tank on the job site allows you to refuel machinery at your convenience. When the tank is near empty, simply have it refueled by your chosen fuel provider and continue on your way! While it is the most convenient option, there is a security concern in having a fuel tank on the site and easily accessible. A fuel tank is also better suited for large, long-term construction projects, as the tanks themselves can be expensive and more semi-permanent than a job might require.

Mobile Fuel Delivery Service

Another on-site fueling option is a mobile refueling delivery service. Like fuel tanks, this brings fuel to your site so you can refuel machinery on the job. Instead of a tank on site, a fuel truck will come to you and fill your vehicles. This offers the convenience of an on-site tank without the long-term commitment. You also will no longer have to worry about physically hosting a fuel tank as the mobile truck will replace it.

The convenience of mobile fuel delivery service is its biggest perk. At Jubitz, we serve customers throughout the Northwest with a strong focus on SW Washington and Portland Metropolitan area. As our customer, you can customize your own delivery schedule to fit the needs of your site. You can also call us around the clock and get in touch with someone who understands your unique fueling needs. Sometimes we can even add deliveries to our route the same day or have products ready to pick up at our warehouse within an hour!

Jubitz fuel delivery truck

Cardlock Fueling Solutions

Finally, there are commercial cardlock sites. These sites allow you to monitor how much fuel you are using, refuel on your own time, and access to thousands of convenient fueling locations within your network. Many of these locations also carry off-road diesel and dyed

diesel, the usual fuel types for construction equipment. These cardlock sites can best suit equipment that does not stay on the jobsite, trucks transporting materials, and any other kind of equipment that will be moved back and forth.

CFN station in Vancouver


While there is no one all-around best option for fueling construction sites, you can find the  solution that best suits your job’s needs. Due to the ever-changing nature of construction jobs, you’ll want to find a fuel provider who can work with you to accommodate your needs. Finding a reliable and trustworthy provider is easy! Reach out to Jubitz to learn more about our fuel, refueling options and cardlock programs today. Give us a call at 1-800-523-0600 or reach out to us here.