4 Fuel Card Advantages for Landscapers

Landscapers must keep track of a lot of details to be successful. Whether it be tools, vehicles, or employees, there can be a lot on your plate. Fuel cards can provide the tools to make tracking one of your largest business expenses much easier.

1. Pricing

Fuel can be a huge expense for a business. This is especially true for landscaping.  Fueling vehicles and high-powered tools are important to getting the job done quickly. A fuel card can ease the stress on your wallet with fuel at wholesale price. Saving on every gallon can lead to a huge difference and more money in your pocket.

2. Products

Wholesale fuel is not only for diesel. Cardlock sites provide every type of fuel, diesel, unleaded gas, propane, non-ethanol, and many more. You will never have to worry whether the product you need is available to you.

3. Site Convenience

Unlike trucking or delivery routes, landscapers are constantly going to different places for work. Even with the uncertainty of where your next job will take you, know that there will be a cardlock site nearby whenever you need to fuel. Whether it’s right down the street from your main office, or on the other side of the city, fuel networks will have you covered wherever you go. these sites have larger lanes, higher canopies, and easy access from the street, making fueling your vehicles and all your equipment just that much easier.

4. Control

Fuel cards give managers the ability to control every aspect of the cards. You choose the amount of fuel purchased, who uses them, the types of fuel, and where it can be purchased. Fuel cards can only be used for fuel, so don’t have to worry about non-fuel related purchases on your invoices. The limits and control are also fully customizable. So, if you feel that the limits are either too strict or too loose and need to add more cards, or change how employees can use the fuel cards, give us a call at any time to change them!


Jubitz offers a great customer service that is available 24/7 for customer care. Our team is ready to give you a customer quote on our fuel cards that will suit your needs! Ready to save money?

Reach us at 800-523-0600 or email us at fuel@jubitz.com to set up a consultation and find the fuel network that best fits your business needs.







Who are Fuel Cards For?

A common misconception about fleet cards like CFN or Pacific Pride is that they are only for trucking companies or companies with large fleets of vehicles, but this is not the case. Businesses of all kinds and sizes can take advantage of a fleet card to fulfil their fueling needs. All one needs for a fleet card is a couple of vehicles that need regular fueling. So, let’s look at some examples of businesses that can benefit from fleet cards.


Any company that regularly uses vehicles to deliver goods can benefit from the cardlock network in their area. Whether you are delivering building materials or delivering cakes, fleet cards can help manage fuel usage, prevent fraud, and provide fuel at wholesale prices. There are also plenty of cardlock locations with both diesel and unleaded gas to conveniently fuel no matter where a delivery takes you.


Landscaping businesses must be conscious about fueling not only their vehicles, but also their equipment. Luckily, fleet cards provide the infrastructure to fuel everything you need for the job. Cardlock sites are designed with semi-trailers in mind, so there is no worry about trying to fit a truck and trailer into a station.


Construction companies can benefit from either fuel delivery or cardlock sales, depending on their needs. Whether you need fuel taken directly to a job site, or simply need a place to conveniently fuel vehicles, Jubitz has the solution for you. Read more about the options for construction here.

Emergency Services

Yes, even groups like police and fire departments need to refuel! Jubitz offers low-cost solutions to fueling the vehicles that keep us safe. Fleet cards can help keep track of fuel sales and transactions for public record keeping.


No matter what line of work you are in, fuel cards may help your businesses grow! Still unsure about how fleet cards can help you? Call 800-523-0600 or email us at fuel@jubitz.com to learn more