Catching and Preventing Fuel Card Fraud

Should your business be concerned about fuel card fraud? The short answer is yes. Jubitz Fleet Services and other fuel card providers are seeing a dramatic increase in fraudulent activity. Card skimmers are on the rise at fuel stations. Thieves collect card information and PIN to duplicate onto a card for fraudulent use. These cards are then used to make purchases until they are shut off. Fortunately, by setting limits on your company’s fuel cards and monitoring unusual activity, you can catch and prevent fraud.


Fleet Services customer service staff standing outside
The Jubitz Fleet Services custom service team is committed to helping your business catch and prevent fuel card fraud.

Here to Help You

At Jubitz Fleet Services, we take fraud prevention and detection seriously. To prevent fraud, the Jubitz customer service team reviews unusual activity on all accounts. We also work with businesses to set limits on how much fuel can be purchased per day based on normal usage. If you have a fuel card with Jubitz, your company can join the fight against fraud by setting additional custom limits too. The limits available to you depend on the type of card your company uses. Options may include fuel types, retail lock-out, times of day, days of the week and states. If your company is only in Oregon and Washington, there’s no need to allow charges in Florida!

Monitoring Reports

Jubitz can also produce reports to help your company monitor account activity. Unusual activity reports are sent out if a card is used more than expected in a single day. We do this so your company is aware of fraud before an invoice arrives. Our customer service representatives can work with you on the other types of reports that can best serve your company.

At Jubitz Fleet Services, our goal is to be your business partner by providing the services that you and your team require on a daily basis. Fighting fraud together is just one way we accomplish this.  If you have any questions, want to set custom limits or discuss reporting options, contact Jubitz Fleet Services customer service at 1-800-523-0600.

Interested in opening a fuel card account with Jubitz? Learn more on our website and call us at 1-877-7JUBITZ to get started.