Maximize Savings with Fuel Cards for Landscaping Businesses

Maximize Savings with Fuel Cards for Landscaping Businesses

Landscapers must keep track of a lot of details to be successful. Whether it be tools, vehicles, or employees, there can be a lot on your plate. Fuel cards can provide the tools to make tracking one of your largest business expenses much easier.

1. Pricing

Fuel can be a huge expense for a business. This is especially true for landscaping.  Fueling vehicles and high-powered tools are important to getting the job done quickly. A fuel card can ease the stress on your wallet with fuel at wholesale price. Saving on every gallon can lead to a huge difference and more money in your pocket.

2. Products

Wholesale fuel is not only for diesel. Cardlock sites provide every type of fuel, diesel, unleaded gas, propane, non-ethanol, and many more. You will never have to worry whether the product you need is available to you.

3. Site Convenience

Unlike trucking or delivery routes, landscapers are constantly going to different places for work. Even with the uncertainty of where your next job will take you, know that there will be a cardlock site nearby whenever you need to fuel. Whether it’s right down the street from your main office, or on the other side of the city, fuel networks will have you covered wherever you go. these sites have larger lanes, higher canopies, and easy access from the street, making fueling your vehicles and all your equipment just that much easier.

4. Control

Fuel cards give managers the ability to control every aspect of the cards. You choose the amount of fuel purchased, who uses them, the types of fuel, and where it can be purchased. Fuel cards can only be used for fuel, so don’t have to worry about non-fuel related purchases on your invoices. The limits and control are also fully customizable. So, if you feel that the limits are either too strict or too loose and need to add more cards, or change how employees can use the fuel cards, give us a call at any time to change them!


Jubitz offers a great customer service that is available 24/7 for customer care. Our team is ready to give you a customer quote on our fuel cards that will suit your needs! Ready to save money?

Reach us at 800-523-0600 or email us at to set up a consultation and find the fuel network that best fits your business needs.

Who are Fuel Cards For?

A common misconception about fleet cards like CFN or Pacific Pride is that they are only for trucking companies or companies with large fleets of vehicles, but this is not the case. Businesses of all kinds and sizes can take advantage of a fleet card to fulfil their fueling needs. All one needs for a fleet card is a couple of vehicles that need regular fueling. So, let’s look at some examples of businesses that can benefit from fleet cards.


Any company that regularly uses vehicles to deliver goods can benefit from the cardlock network in their area. Whether you are delivering building materials or delivering cakes, fleet cards can help manage fuel usage, prevent fraud, and provide fuel at wholesale prices. There are also plenty of cardlock locations with both diesel and unleaded gas to conveniently fuel no matter where a delivery takes you.


Landscaping businesses must be conscious about fueling not only their vehicles, but also their equipment. Luckily, fleet cards provide the infrastructure to fuel everything you need for the job. Cardlock sites are designed with semi-trailers in mind, so there is no worry about trying to fit a truck and trailer into a station.


Construction companies can benefit from either fuel delivery or cardlock sales, depending on their needs. Whether you need fuel taken directly to a job site, or simply need a place to conveniently fuel vehicles, Jubitz has the solution for you. Read more about the options for construction here.

Emergency Services

Yes, even groups like police and fire departments need to refuel! Jubitz offers low-cost solutions to fueling the vehicles that keep us safe. Fleet cards can help keep track of fuel sales and transactions for public record keeping.


No matter what line of work you are in, fuel cards may help your businesses grow! Still unsure about how fleet cards can help you? Call 800-523-0600 or email us at to learn more





Options for Fueling Construction Sites

Fueling construction sites keeps your job site powered! Without refueling, machinery can’t operate, leaving your site at a standstill and costing you time and money. Between deadlines, equipment upkeep, managing employees, and the logistics of building materials, there’s no shortage of responsibilities. And on top of this all, every job can be drastically different and require a whole new approach. Luckily, there are options to best maximize your resources to fuel your construction equipment and keep work going.

On-site Fuel Tank

An on-site fuel tank is the most convenient for hard to reach construction sites working with heavy machinery. Installing a large fuel tank on the job site allows you to refuel machinery at your convenience. When the tank is near empty, simply have it refueled by your chosen fuel provider and continue on your way! While it is the most convenient option, there is a security concern in having a fuel tank on the site and easily accessible. A fuel tank is also better suited for large, long-term construction projects, as the tanks themselves can be expensive and more semi-permanent than a job might require.

Mobile Fuel Delivery Service

Another on-site fueling option is a mobile refueling delivery service. Like fuel tanks, this brings fuel to your site so you can refuel machinery on the job. Instead of a tank on site, a fuel truck will come to you and fill your vehicles. This offers the convenience of an on-site tank without the long-term commitment. You also will no longer have to worry about physically hosting a fuel tank as the mobile truck will replace it.

The convenience of mobile fuel delivery service is its biggest perk. At Jubitz, we serve customers throughout the Northwest with a strong focus on SW Washington and Portland Metropolitan area. As our customer, you can customize your own delivery schedule to fit the needs of your site. You can also call us around the clock and get in touch with someone who understands your unique fueling needs. Sometimes we can even add deliveries to our route the same day or have products ready to pick up at our warehouse within an hour!

Jubitz fuel delivery truck

Cardlock Fueling Solutions

Finally, there are commercial cardlock sites. These sites allow you to monitor how much fuel you are using, refuel on your own time, and access to thousands of convenient fueling locations within your network. Many of these locations also carry off-road diesel and dyed

diesel, the usual fuel types for construction equipment. These cardlock sites can best suit equipment that does not stay on the jobsite, trucks transporting materials, and any other kind of equipment that will be moved back and forth.

CFN station in Vancouver


While there is no one all-around best option for fueling construction sites, you can find the  solution that best suits your job’s needs. Due to the ever-changing nature of construction jobs, you’ll want to find a fuel provider who can work with you to accommodate your needs. Finding a reliable and trustworthy provider is easy! Reach out to Jubitz to learn more about our fuel, refueling options and cardlock programs today. Give us a call at 1-800-523-0600 or reach out to us here.

How Truck Drivers Benefit From Joining a Fuel Card Program

Whether you’re an individual carrier or a fleet manager, the benefits of a fuel card program are countless. In an industry that is moving around the clock 24/7, it is critical that your operations are well managed from knowing where to get the best price on fuel to protecting yourself from fraud. Joining a fuel card program helps you focus more on the task at hand and less on your bottom line.


How do fuel cards work?

Essentially, trucking fleets receive a discount on diesel to purchase fuel through specific merchants. Every fuel station offering a card program may have different benefits from the next. However, they all serve the same purpose of saving you money on an already razor-thin profit margin.


How are my savings on fuel calculated?


Fuel savings are typically calculated in one of two ways. With retail-minus pricing, the customer receives a rebate after purchasing fuel at the retail price. With cost-plus pricing, the customer pays a price based on the wholesale cost, plus taxes and a fixed fee.

Some fuel cards provide you with the better deal on a case by case basis, but you’ll often want to compare programs that specifically benefit your regular fleet routes.


The top three benefits of having a fuel card.


1. Access more fuel stations nationwide.


Because fuel is often one of the biggest expenses for fleets and truck drivers, it is where most businesses look to cut costs. This is not the only way truck drivers can save as a cardmember, however. Many fuel card programs, such as our Cardlock Network, may allow you to utilize high-speed and no-hassle diesel pumps across the country. These stations are designed for commercial trucks, with safety and convenience in mind. In this industry, we know that truck drivers want to be back on the road as soon as possible in order to meet their delivery demands.


2. Prevent Fuel Fraud


Such a high demand for fuel can bring out bad actors, making your fleet a target for fraudulent activity. Luckily, the team behind the scenes for cardmembers is constantly monitoring your spending. For example, if you’re a Cardlock Member through Jubitz you can safely run your fleet knowing that our system will decline purchases that don’t meet your profile based on fuel type, location, the time of day, and customized spending limits.


3. Analyze and Control Your Operations


We live in a data-driven world where fleet managers are eager to find ways new to optimize their trucking operations. Thanks to technology, however, there is no need to track down each driver in your fleet for fuel receipts and other records. Many card programs offer comprehensive reports on spending, driver performance, maintenance records, and more.  Because trucking is done in real time, managers need information quickly and accurately. Jubitz Fleet Services offers this real time data. You can’t get that kind of reporting from a regular credit card.



Making the most of your fuel card benefits.


The trucking industry is tough, competitive, and costly. Through fuel card memberships, truck drivers can make the most of their time all while saving money. If your fleet hasn’t signed up for a fuel card program, it might not be running as well as you need it to be.


Learn more about Jubitz Fuel Card Networks.

Preventing Fuel Card Fraud

What is Fuel Card Fraud

Fuel card fraud can happen to anyone. Driver’s who share their cards between each other and have their PINs attached to the card are easy targets for the everyday skimmer. It happens in seconds and can take some time to notice your card has been copied. Before you know it, your card can be being used for fraudulent purchase on thousands of dollars worth of fuel.


Should your business be concerned about fuel card fraud? The short answer is yes. Jubitz Fleet Services and other fuel card providers are seeing a dramatic increase in fraudulent activity. Card skimmers are on the rise at fuel stations. Thieves collect card information and PIN to duplicate onto a card for fraudulent use. These cards are then used to make purchases until they are shut off. Fortunately, by setting limits on your company’s fuel cards and monitoring unusual activity, you can catch and prevent fraud.


Fleet Services customer service staff standing outside
The Jubitz Fleet Services custom service team is committed to helping your business catch and prevent fuel card fraud.

How to prevent fuel card fraud?

A+ Customer Service Team

At Jubitz Fleet Services, we take fraud prevention and detection seriously. To prevent fraud, the Jubitz customer service team reviews unusual activity on all accounts. Our team will contact your business if we detect suspicious activity. This is to ensure that your drivers are the one’s using the cards in a proper manor and keeping you aware of any activity that we have spotted as unusual. Keeping clear communication with your valued businesses is how we keep out cards safe.

Setting Limits

When signing up for Jubitz Fuel Cards, you can set up daily limits for your drivers based on their needs and to protect your business from being a victim of fraud. By setting daily limits, it helps prevent skimmers from withdrawing huge amounts of fuel at one given time. Our fuel cards have gallon limits that will notify the driver at the pump that they have hit their daily limit. The limits available to you depend on the type of card your company uses. Options may include fuel types, retail lock-out, times of day, days of the week and states. If your company is only in Oregon and Washington, there’s no need to allow charges in Florida!

Monitoring Reports

Jubitz can also produce reports to help your company monitor account activity. Unusual activity reports are sent out if a card is used more than expected in a single day. We do this so your company is aware of fraud before an invoice arrives. Our customer service representatives can work with you on the other types of reports that can best serve your company.

At Jubitz Fleet Services, our goal is to be your business partner by providing the services that you and your team require on a daily basis. Fighting fraud together is just one way we accomplish this.  If you have any questions, want to set custom limits or discuss reporting options, contact Jubitz Fleet Services customer service at 1-800-523-0600.

Interested in opening a fuel card account with Jubitz? Learn more on our website and call us at 1-877-7JUBITZ to get started.