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Living a Healthy Trucker Lifestyle

A healthy trucker lifestyle is within reach. Finding happiness within a career takes time and flexibility. Many drivers we chat with share about their love for traveling and seeing the country firsthand. Some enjoy the solitude of being alone out on the open roads. Still others find the work extremely rewarding. After all, truckers deliver America’s goods cross country to keep our lives going as we know it! But the reality of the trucking lifestyle can be significantly less warm and fuzzy. Keeping your mental and physical wellness in check while on the road can be a challenge, so we’ve outlined five ways to live a healthy trucker lifestyle.


A good night’s rest will help your health. Your quality of sleep directly relates to all facets of your well-being, behavior, and cognitive performance. The saying ‘waking up on the wrong side of the bed’ isn’t far off. Lack of sleep results in a variety of health issues. The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion shares that, “Fatigue and sleepiness can reduce productivity and increase the chance for mishaps such as medical errors and motor vehicle or industrial accidents.” The brain craves adequate time to recharge, just like your body needs rest after a workout, otherwise you’re left susceptible to illness and injury.

As a driver, you may not be able to maintain total consistency with a scheduled sleep time, but it’s a good idea to try. The Sleep Foundation also suggests creating a relaxing bedroom environment by “using a white noise machine or earplugs to drown out loud noises,” and keeping the temperature around 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. Looking for a white noise app? Try Relaxio. Climbing out of the cab’s sleeping berth and getting sleep in a bed from time to time while on the road can be small luxury. If you’re in the Portland, OR area, the Portlander Inn is a convenient, economic, and comfortable option!

West Tower King Jacuzzi Hotel Room | Portlander Inn


Mindfulness and meditation have existed for thousands of years, and for good reason. Out on the road, you have plenty of time to think deeply but you also might find yourself focusing on stressors. Truckers frequently deal with stressful driving situations, and like all people, have work, family, and other things that can interfere with their wellbeing. Taking the time to slow down, relax and release distracting thoughts are all good ways to help relax your mind.

Meditation can feel awkward and uncomfortable when you get started. Thankfully, with smart phone technology at your fingertips, there are plenty of different apps that you can use. Having an app guide you through a meditation session can help you unwind and get in the right headspace. Calm is a popular app and sometimes available from your health insurance provider. Other options include MyLife, a free, personalized solution. Apps can also introduce you to other mindfulness techniques like deep breathing which many also find relaxing.

Bring a Companion

While most over the road drivers like having space and alone time, everyone has a limit. Humans are social creatures after all. Some drivers have partners that will accompany them on trips and even co-pilot, but this isn’t always feasible. One way to get a healthy dose of interaction is to get a pet! A companion on the road with you won’t necessarily make you a healthy trucker, but it can improve your quality of life. Trucker dogs, and even cats, are popular within the trucking community. Having a pet on the road with you certainly comes with its own challenges, but the companionship can make it worth it.  Some truck stops and hotels even accommodate your furry friends. At the Jubitz Truck Stop we have a dog wash station for your pup and the Portlander Inn has designated pet-friendly rooms.

Eat Well

Finding balanced dining options might be the biggest health-related challenge drivers face. When you’re on the road and trying to get to places on a schedule, it’s understandable to utilize fast options. Fast food, unsurprisingly, is readily available and satisfies the desire for hot food quickly. This convenience can take a toll on folks trying to be a healthy trucker. We’re not going to be unrealistic and say to cut fast food out completely! By nature, total deprivation doesn’t typically support long term goals. Instead, consider making small changes. Here are five ideas:

Bonus, some of these tips will also help you save some money too!

When ordering, menus sometimes include nutritional information about the dishes. At the Cascade Grill, we offer healthy choices under 500 calories like Triple Citrus Chicken! This can be helpful if you’re trying to manage your caloric intake. Ready to whip your eating into shape? Like the slogan says, there’s an app for that. Both free and premium apps are available to track your food habits. MyFitnessPal is a popular option.

Triple Citrus Chicken | Cascade Grill

Move Your Body

There’s no way to write an article about health without mentioning physical activity. After a long day of driving, it can be hard to find the motivation to move. Luckily, staying active doesn’t have to be a grueling punishment to your body. Getting out of the cab and taking even a fifteen-minute walk in fresh air will make a difference. Stretching and strengthening muscles that might get neglected during the drive will also keep you nimble. While you don’t need any equipment to get moving, a jump rope and small dumbbells travel well and offer a source of cardio and strength training.

If you’re looking for more ideas, again, your smart phone is your friend. Access apps and videos that can guide you in an equipment-less workout, yoga flow, or other activity. If you’re treating yourself to a hotel, find one that has a designated fitness area! The Portlander Inn has an indoor workout space however current COVID policies are limiting its use. When it is open, it’s only $5 to use for non-Portlander Inn guests and free with a stay. Other environments include the dance floor at the Ponderosa Lounge and Grill, the great outdoors or even your truck! Here’s a seated yoga video.

Fitness Room | Portlander Inn

Holistic health can seem difficult when you live a life on the road but working in a few healthy habits at a time will help them stick. There are resources in all areas of health available nowadays, so if you need professional help in any of these areas you can find it. As truckers and drivers, it can be challenging to prioritize health. Implementing small changes to your routine will be rewarding for your mind and body and ensure you can do the work you love while living a healthy trucker lifestyle. Jubitz campus offers driver-friendly amenities and services like fresh food options, a dog wash station for your pup, the Portlander Inn hotel and more.

This article includes links to third party organizations. These resources are provided as educational references. Jubitz is not being sponsored to promote them. The Portlander Inn, Cascade Grill, Ponderosa Lounge and Grill are all entities under the Jubitz Corporation.

Jubitz Will Celebrate Truck Drivers at Annual Driver Appreciation Day, With Adjustments due to Coronavirus Pandemic

On September 23, Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center will host a free event to celebrate the hard work of the truck drivers! These folks transport more than 70 percent of America’s freight. This year, as the coronavirus pandemic has made a huge impact on our world. This has helped people become aware of the importance of truck drivers. Our annual event will be different than previous years. Social distancing requirements will be implemented. We made sure the regulations won’t interfere with us thanking truck drivers for their essential roles.


What you need to know

When: Wednesday, September 23 9am-1pm

Where: Outside Cascade Grill at Jubitz

What: Free boxed lunch, swag bags and big prizes

Be Prepared: Face coverings and social distancing required

RSVP on Facebook here


America’s truck drivers are among the essential workers who are keeping products moving. Whether it’s delivering to stores, restaurants, hospitals or elsewhere, truck drivers have helped countless organizations throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Their hard work has been recognized through the #ThankATrucker hashtag and even at an event at the White House. It’s estimated that grocery stores would be empty within two or three days if truck drivers all stopped working.

Previous Driver Appreciation Days have included a barbecue, vendors, games and more. This year’s event will be an outdoor boxed lunch giveaway for anyone with a CDL from 9am-1pm or until supplies run out. Truck drivers will receive swag bags full of prizes. They will also have the chance to win gift cards that will be sent out by mail. Every aspect of the event will prioritize safety and social distancing. Masks will be required.


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The Truck Driver’s Guide to Staying Healthy

It’s one thing to stay on top of your health at home, but truck drivers face many extra challenges being on the road for long lengths of time. Over-the-road truck drivers are twice as likely to develop obesity, predisposing you to hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. There are specific health requirements you must meet to get your CDL, which may vary from state to state.


6 Tips for Staying Healthy as an OTR Truck Driver

These health tips apply to anyone traveling long-distance. Whether you’re a long-haul driver or a touring musician, bringing these habits into the fold of your daily routine will ensure good health for many years.


1. Eat clean.

Next time you stop at a convenience store, consider grabbing some almonds rather than a candy bar; a chicken caesar salad rather than a hot dog. By substituting high preservative foods and red meat for lean protein and clean carbs, you’ll be on the fast track to a healthier and happier you. It’s easier said than done, but the Jubitz Travel Center in Portland, OR gives you many options. Stop at Moe’s Deli for freshly made-to-order sandwiches.

A very popular way to eat healthy while also saving money is to prepare your meals ahead of time. Rather than relying on stores across the country that don’t always have the most nutritious options, fully complement your diet with a home-cooked dish. If your commercial truck has a refrigerator, you can store up to seven days worth of meals. For starters, try cooking up lean proteins like chicken and rice, then storing it into reusable food containers for on-the-go eating.


2. Wear sunscreen.

Summer is upon us, and your skin demands sunscreen. Standard truck side windows do not protect your face from ultraviolet (UV) A radiation. Factor in the up to 70-hour workweek that OTR truck drivers have, and you can see how quickly the sun exposure adds up.

Use a broad spectrum UVA sunscreen for maximum protection from premature skin aging.


3. Avoid driver burnout.

No matter the job, we are all prone to burnout – but it’s especially important that truck drivers don’t overwork themselves. Since the trucking and shipping industry is 24/7, it is very likely you have an irregular schedule to meet the on-demand needs of dispatchers.


Seven hours of sleep is recommended to be fully alert for the day. While you may not always be able to get a full night’s rest, here are some proactive pointers to improve the quality of your sleep:



Jubitz has 18 reserved paid parking spaces, in addition to our first come, first serve parking.


4. Stay hydrated.

It is no secret that our bodies are 60% water, and that constant hydration is necessary to expel metabolic waste and toxins from our systems. Everyone should drink a half-gallon of water per day in order to stay hydrated, leaving you more energized and alert. You might even see weight loss benefits.


5. Exercise regularly.

There is no doubt that this tip is the most difficult to achieve on the road, however, regular exercise is important no matter what type of work you do. After a long day behind the wheel, you may be tempted to relax. Instead, spend 15 minutes taking a brisk walk or stretching. You’ll feel rejuvenated by the fresh air, and decompressed from the confines of your truck seat.


6. Improve your posture.

When all is said and done, your truck is your office where you spend most of your time. Lower back pain and sciatica are premature career killers that you can prevent.



One Step at a Time

Truck driving can be a very rewarding job, but also incredibly taxing on your mind and body. The journey to better health is all about developing good habits over time. Take a walk. Do stretches. Drink more water. It all adds up.

Making Healthy Choices at Jubitz

Looking to make healthy choices? Whether it’s choosing healthier foods or more physical activity, we’ve got you covered at Jubitz! Read on to see ways you can make your next stop at Jubitz better for your body.

1. Get Your Work Out On at the Portlander Inn

If you’re staying at the Portlander Inn, that includes access to our fitness facility! But even if you’re not, you can use it for only $5. Learn more about the Portlander Inn here.


2. Choose Healthy Dishes at the Cascade Grill

Healthy choices with fewer calories are denoted on the Cascade Grill menu with a heart. Try the Fresh Herb Encrusted Salmon, Cilantro Lime Rockfish or the Triple Citrus Chicken. See the full Cascade Grill menu here.


3. Try a New Physical Activity–Dancing!

Dancing isn’t just fun–it also burns calories! Take a line dance lesson at the Ponderosa for a new kind of exercise. See the full dance lesson schedule here.


4. Choose Plant-Based with the Beyond Burger at Jake Brake Deli

Trying to eat less meat? Try the Beyond Burger at Jake Brake Deli. This plant-based burger looks, cooks and tastes like a fresh beef burger, and packs 20g of protein. The patty contains no soy, gluten or GMOs. See the full Jake Brake Deli menu here.

Making healthy choices can be difficult when you’re set in a routine, but Jubitz is here to help you start building new patterns that lead to a healthy life.