Leading the Way for Renewable Diesel with R99 in the Pacific Northwest

Jubitz Fuels, a prominent name in the fuel industry, has emerged as a trailblazer in the Pacific Northwest by spearheading the adoption of renewable diesel with their groundbreaking R99 product. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Jubitz Fuels is revolutionizing the region’s fuel landscape. Here are five key points that highlight how Jubitz Fuels is leading the way for renewable diesel with R99.

    1. Commitment to Sustainability: Jubitz Fuels firmly believes in environmental responsibility and sustainability. By introducing R99, a renewable diesel alternative, they are actively reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional diesel fuel. R99 is derived from renewable feedstocks, such as animal fats and vegetable oils, making it a greener and cleaner fuel option.
    2. Superior Performance and Compatibility: R99 offers exceptional performance and compatibility, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. It can be seamlessly used in existing diesel engines without any modifications, providing a drop-in replacement for traditional diesel fuel. With R99, customers can enjoy the benefits of renewable diesel while maintaining the same level of power, efficiency, and reliability.
    3. Local Leadership in Renewable Diesel: Jubitz Fuels has taken a leadership position in the Pacific Northwest by being one of the first fuel providers to offer R99 to customers. Their proactive approach and investment in renewable energy solutions have contributed significantly to the growth and acceptance of renewable diesel in the region. Jubitz Fuels’ commitment to sustainability aligns with the Pacific Northwest’s green initiatives, positioning them as an industry leader.
    4. Environmental Benefits: By using R99, customers can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable diesel emits lower levels of particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and other harmful pollutants compared to traditional diesel fuel. It plays a crucial role in improving air quality, mitigating climate change, and promoting a healthier environment for both urban areas and rural communities.
    5. Driving the Transition to a Renewable Future: Jubitz Fuels’ introduction of R99 marks a significant milestone in the transition to a renewable future. By offering renewable diesel as a viable alternative, they are actively promoting sustainable transportation solutions and supporting the development of a greener economy. Their visionary approach and dedication to innovation position Jubitz Fuels as a catalyst for change in the Pacific Northwest’s fuel industry.

Conclusion: Jubitz Fuels’ pioneering efforts with R99 renewable diesel have established them as a frontrunner in the Pacific Northwest’s fuel market. Through their commitment to sustainability, superior performance, and local leadership, they are driving the adoption of renewable diesel and shaping a more environmentally friendly future. With Jubitz Fuels leading the way, the Pacific Northwest is poised to become a hub for renewable energy innovation and a shining example of sustainable transportation.

Renewable Diesel (R99) is at Jubitz

Jubitz brings Renewable Diesel (R99) to Portland, OR

If you’re looking for a sustainable, low-carbon fuel for your diesel vehicle or fleet, you may be interested in R99 diesel. Renewable diesel (R99) is a type of biodiesel that is made entirely from waste or residual materials, such as used cooking oil or animal fats. Here are five key points to know about this alternative fuel:

  1. R99 is a sustainable alternative to traditional diesel fuel. Because it is made from waste or residual materials, R99 has a very low carbon footprint compared to other types of diesel fuel. This means that it can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support a more sustainable transportation system. Jubitz also offers Renewable Lubricants for delivery and pick up.
  2. R99 is compatible with most diesel engines. Most modern diesel engines can run on biodiesel blends of up to 20% without any modifications, and some engines may be able to handle higher blends of biodiesel, including R99. However, it’s important to check with your vehicle manufacturer to make sure that your engine is compatible with biodiesel before using it.
  3. R99 can be used in a range of applications. Like traditional diesel fuel, R99 can be used in a range of applications, including transportation, power generation, and heating. This means that it can be a good choice for a variety of industries and applications that rely on diesel fuel.
  4. R99 is available in Portland, OR at Jubitz. Jubitz Travel Center offers 2 commercial and noncommercial fueling stations with R99. While the availability of R99 may depend on your Jubitz cardlock fueling station, it is becoming more widely available in the PNW region.

In conclusion, R99 diesel is a sustainable and low-carbon alternative to traditional diesel fuel that offers a range of benefits for diesel vehicles and fleet owners. However, it’s important to do your research and make sure that your engine is compatible with biodiesel and that you are using high-quality fuel from a reputable supplier. With the right precautions and care, R99 can be a great choice for reducing emissions and supporting a more sustainable transportation system.