Summer Truck Safety Checklist

Jubitz Service Center check ups. Summer Truck Checklist


With the summer heat back in full force, now is a good time to check up on your semi-truck. The hotter temperatures can affect your vehicle in a lot of ways, but some routine maintenance can help to prevent disaster while on the road. Here is a quick checklist of items you should check before reaching the dog days of summer.

Tires Check

Increased temperatures can be detrimental to your tires. When driving through extreme climates, the heat can lead to heavy wear or even a failure. To avoid being stuck on the side of the road, be sure to check your tires for air pressure, visible damage, tread level, and sidewall damage. If anything looks wrong, it may be time to repair or replace your tires!

Oil & Oil Filter Replacements

Extreme heat can cause your oil to become ineffective, which in turn can fail to properly keep your engine lubricated. This breakdown of oil can severely damage your truck and possibly ruin the engine. So, now is a great time to replace your oil and oil filter to prevent oil breakdown. Preventative maintenance can save you from future headaches and from dealing with major repairs.

Cooling Systems Check

Overheating is one of the more common issues that can occur in extreme heat. Vehicles are 50% more likely to overheat in the summer months. So, check on your truck’s anti-freeze and make sure the anti-freeze-to-water ratio is correct. It is also helpful to wash out your engine and remove debris from the radiator. This can help your engine run efficiently and to prevent it from overheating on the hottest days of the year.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Inspect your air conditioning system, including your hoses, fittings, and blower motor. This helps ensure that your AC is keeping you comfortable when driving through those hot stretches of road. Clean or replace your cabin air filters to provide your cabin with fresh, clean air too!

Brake Systems Check Up

Brakes are very vulnerable in rising temperatures. The heat and friction can degrade your brake pads much faster than any other time of the year. Check your brake pads or schedule a replacement before temps get too toasty. This will help keep your truck at top shape.

Battery Upgrade

The heat can cause your battery to corrode much faster and cause the voltage to be weaker. Be sure to check the corrosion and take the steps to clean or neutralize corrosion on the battery. If the battery is looking particularly corroded or is old, switch it out and be set for the summer.

General Tips

Even by taking all possible precautions, you still may find yourself stuck on the side of the road with an issue. To prepare for that, be sure to carry plenty of water and food in the cabin, have a charged phone, and be sure you know who to call in case of a breakdown, like the Jubitz Truck Service Center. We have mobile, roadside assistance that can come to you.


The Jubitz Truck Service Center is here to help whether you need to do some summer maintenance or serious repairs. Give us a call at 503-289-9645 to see how we can help you today. Stay cool and stay safe on the roads this season!