Get Your Truck Ready for Winter Weather

Temperatures are dropping! You want your truck to be ready to handle winter weather. If you haven’t gotten your truck ready for winter, now is the time. Don’t get stuck out in the cold. Check out these tips from the Jubitz Truck Service Center so you can stay safe and mobile all winter.

Check Wipers and Lights

Make sure your wipers and lights are in good working condition. Take extra care in checking the headlight buckets. If the covers of the headlight lenses look milky white or even yellow, be sure to get them checked out to be either polished or replaced.

Get Your Chains Inspected

Do you already have chains? Get them inspected, cleaned and lubricated by a professional before using them again this year. Our skilled Jubitz Truck Service Center technicians are more than happy to help you with this task. Plus, if you need new chains or auto socks we have got you covered there too! All chains and socks are on sale and start at only $84.99 per pair.

Stock Up On Supplies

Make sure you have the supplies you might need this winter. If you plan to encounter snow or ice, or if it’s even a possibility, you will want deicer spray and a snow brush. It’s also important to prepare with emergency supplies in case the winter weather puts you in a dangerous situation.

Get Your Coolant Checked

At the Jubitz Truck Service Center, the technicians can quickly use their refractometer to make sure you’re in good shape. Best of all, they will do it at no charge, even if you are not getting any other services that day!


Jubitz Truck Service Center


Do you need help getting your truck ready for winter? The Jubitz Truck Service Center is here for you! From chains inspections to major repairs, our trained and qualified technicians can help perform the wide variety of services your truck may need. Learn more on the Jubitz Truck Service Center website or give us a call at 503-289-9645.