As a fleet manager or owner-operator, we know you want to maximize your resources while also finding tools that are reliable and increase productivity. It’s no wonder you want the best electronic logging device (ELD) — it’s something you use every day. Whether you’re new to the industry and just getting set up with the mandatory equipment you need to run your fleet or you’re looking to switch ELDs, you’ve found the right resource! There are hundreds of devices available and some systems even include features beyond the legally required data. But will they benefit you? In this series, we identify major considerations you need to address before choosing the best ELD for your organization. This edition focuses on the apps and technology that make ELD systems work.

Mobile Apps

ELD devices often have accompanying smartphone apps so truckers can connect with their system on the go. These apps are typically free and compile the data ELDs track. The app is an end-user friendly way to display the data in an easy-to-understand user interface. Some apps also allow drivers to enter their on-duty status manually. Depending on the type of ELD software you’ve signed up for, other features may be available to you from the app as well.

Data Security

At their core, ELDs ensure legal compliance, saving you from costly fines and violations. Added benefits include providing data for fleet managers to better understand their operations. Transparency keeps fleets operating honestly and efficiently. Fraud isn’t uncommon in the trucking industry and falling victim to a variety of abuses is not an experience you want to experience firsthand. Utilizing data-tracking, proactive tools can prevent and stop fraud by protecting your fleet. The company you choose should be verified for being safe when it comes to security features and how they share your data. While no one wants to read a block of fine print, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Companies are required to explain how they access and use your data and you’re privy to this information.

Get more details about the nationwide movement to 5G coverage and how it will impact a 3G electronic logging device in FreightWave’s article here. If you haven’t already, read part one and part two of the Considerations to Finding the Best ELD series so you have all the knowledge you need to know before investing in an ELD. Then, give the Jubitz Truck Service Center a call to learn about the options we carry.