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Truck Oil Change

Up to three Baldwin standard filters, Chassis Lube, oil filled up to 44 quarts, and 31-Point Inspection including: coolant level & condition, washer fluid, power steering fluid, engine air filter, cabin air filter, transmission fluid, differential fluids & brake inspection. Prices do not include environmental or shop supply fees.

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Jubitz Oil

Base oil (light truck) $249.00

Base oil $299.00


Delo $350.00

Delo Synthetic Blend $385.00

Delo Full Synthetic $575.00

Delo Synthetic Blend (Light Truck) $220.00

Delo Full Synthetic (Light Truck) $310.00

Lucas Oil

Organic $335.00

Synthetic Blend $385.00

Full Synthetic $410.00


Rotella $415.00

Rotella Synthetic Blend $495.00

Rotella Full Synthetic $545.00


Delvac $390.00

Delvac Synthetic Blend $430.00

Delvac Full Synthetic $765.00

Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

Only $29.99 per gallon!

Add a DOT inspection for only $60!

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