United Way 2021 Events

Jeans Days

  • A $2.50/paycheck donation, or one-time pledge of $60, will earn one week of jeans day! One-week pin is valid October 25 – November 29.
  • A $5/paycheck donation, or one-time pledge of $120, will earn two weeks of jeans day! Two-week pins go from October 25 – November 5.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

  • Pumpkins will be available for pick-up on October 20.
  • Take pictures and email to Curtis by Wednesday, October 27 at 9 am.
  • Vote for your favorite pumpkin online NOW!
  • Winner announced November 3.
  • Winning department gets donuts.

Manager Minute-to-Win-It Games

  • Bid for your manager to compete in fun, fast, frenzy-filled games.
  • The managers with the highest bids will compete.
  • If your manager wins, everyone in your department will win 5 tickets.
  • Bids start on Monday, October 25 and go until Wednesday, October 27 until 3 PM.

Department Decorating Contest

Costume Contest

Daily Trivia and Bingo

  •  Bingo numbers and trivia questions will be posted daily on Community and at timeclocks.
  • Write your name & department clearly on answer sheets before turning them in at the timeclock.
  • A winning row of Bingo is worth 4 tickets, a blackout is worth 5 tickets.
  • Each correct trivia answer is worth 1 ticket.

Candy Grams

  • Send your co-workers candy grams for $1.00/ea!
  • Department leaders and managers have Candy Grams available for purchase.
  • Fill out the gram with recipient and sender names and return to department leaders or managers.
  • Candy will be added to the gram and distributed the following day.


Winners announced November 5.

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