Business gas cards, or fuel cards, unlock a network of services for cardholders including access to exclusive savings on fuel costs. Minimizing total fuel costs directly affects your bottom line! In industries with tight margins, any smart ways to save should be explored. When choosing a fuel card program, you want to ensure it has a strong customer services team behind it. The right fleet customer service team will help you save by streamlining and adding value to your business operations.

Fleet of White Vans

Myth: Fuel cards only work for big fleets.

While fuel cards are sometimes referred to as fleet cards, not all businesses running multiple vans, trucks or other vehicles will consider themselves truckers, drivers or even in fleet operations. Some companies might not have a designated fleet manager. If this is the case, the business owner is left to juggle this additional responsibility. Fuel costs are typically a huge expense, but finding a solution doesn’t have to be complicated. If your organization operates five or more vehicles and you require 2,000 gallons of fuel or more each month, you’re likely to benefit from using a fuel card.

Myth: Only truckers use fuel cards.

Fuel cards work for a variety of industries that might not seem alike in any way, but all require fuel to keep their business going. So, whether you run a fleet for plumbing, residential moving, towing, food distribution, farming, construction, courier service, excavation, waste management or other operation, you should consider utilizing fuel cards. Fleets receive discounts on diesel to purchase fuel through specific merchants. In the simplest terms, a fuel card is the physical card one uses to pay with at the pump. But, bigger than the card itself, it is a strategy for fuel management. Controls help ensure your card is only being used by your drivers on fuel, giving you peace of mind. You can also control and limit spending on these cards.

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Fact: Fuel cards will help streamline your operations.

When you have a fuel card, you can also capitalize on the other fleet management tools and services provided. The team behind the scenes can do the heavy lifting for your cardholding organization by recordkeeping and doing other administrative tasks. This can further decrease your operation expenses and lift stressors off whoever handles the fleet responsibilities in your organization.

Fact: Jubitz offers more than a fuel card.

Jubitz card members experience the best-in-class fuel management solutions. Our fleet services team does everything from generate fuel reports, increase security by monitoring and more. These activities enhance your business by managing your fleet data. Ultimately, we help get you the fuel you need while lowering your costs and improving your overall fleet performance.

Fuel cards on their own are a tool used as a fuel management solution. As a cardholding member, you will see total fuel cost reductions. Plus, you have a dedicated team to help you analyze your spending and usage data. This allows you to better manage both your fuel spending and fleet operations. To learn more about Jubitz fuel card offerings, give us a call at 1-800-523-0600 or click here.

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