Jake Brake Deli

Jake Brake Deli offers comfort and convenience to drivers and local Portland customers

Fuel up and them parking in our 15 minute parking to grab a delicious, quick bite from our smiling staff at Jake Brake Deli. A wide variety of delicious hot meals are available, as well as fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, and snacks to enjoy in the Deli. Our friendly staff will always make you feel at home. We even have full pizzas made to order for you take back to share with your cab buddies. Come see what makes the Jake Brake Deli a stand out experience at Jubitz!


Deli Menu

Customer-favorites from our menu include chicken strips, kielbasas, teriyaki bowls and cheeseburgers. Call ahead to order an entire pizza for you to pick up when you arrive! Check out the rest of the menu here:

Deli Menu

Jake Brake Deli accepts AMBUCK$ for driver convenience, as well as a loyalty punch card that gets you a free Combo Meal with every 7 meals purchased.